Captain's Comments

Hi all welcome to Captain's comments

Six weeks have passed since our AGM and the change that was made to the size of the committee.

We had our first meeting a few weeks ago and agreed on a few things that needed changing.

Tee times,   we have agreed dates and tee times with Serena up to the end of October which enabled

                     us to make a Sunday diary which is now on the website. We hope to have times and dates

                     to the end of the year soon.

Information    Annette made a suggestion that we should have a Newsletter.  She has worked hard on

                        a format and this has now been agreed and will be exhibited on the Club25 noticeboard.

                       We have also been in touch with a number of the local newspapers to make Club 25 known.

Complaints    We are not perfect so if you do have a complaint it would help if you made it known to us

                        then we might be able to do something about it.

                      I would like to thank everyone for the privilege of being Captain of Club25Serena